Pisco Tortoise

design: Goula/Figuera



Cellulose acetate shade, glass diffuser and black powder-coated structure.



5W, 600lm

Warm white (2800K).

Non dimmable


Made in Spain


The Pisco lamp is made of Italian cellulose acetate, an extraordinary material obtained from wood and cotton pulp that is used by the best brands in the world to produce eyewear. The manual processing of acetate ensures that there are no two pieces identical and that the color combinations are impossible to reproduce with any other material. 


For Pisco, Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera opted for a conical shade: “the cone is the archetype of a lamp, an essential and logical shape that will never go out of fashion”. In addition, this geometry allows the lampshades to be heat-molded from flat shapes, like eyeglass frames. The process, handcrafted in Barcelona, concludes with a polishing that gives the acetate a spectacular shine and transparency.