Álvaro Goula (Barcelona 1989) and Pablo Figuera (Madrid 1988), meet studying at Elisava (Barcelona) and set up in 2011, together with two other partners, the multidisciplinar design studio Fáctil Design. In 2012 they quit Fáctil in order to create Goula/Figuera Studio, from where they work on contemporary product design for companies, limited editions and creative consultancy. In 2013, they start teaching at the university and, by mid 2015, Goula / Figuera launches Home Adventures, a new brand born to allow the duo to put into the market ideas that had remained on the margin of their usual design work for other companies. Lines & Dots, the first product of the company, is acclaimed by the press and published worldwide.

After two years of growing sales, in the spring of 2018 Home Adventures becomes GOFI, a new brand that inherits the catalog from its predecessor and presents a wide variety of new products: from furniture to prints.

When designing, Pablo and Álvaro try to remain in the middle point between conceptual and commercial design, where the industry values and the creativity converge and feed back each other. Their creations hold to an undeniable principle: the obsessive care about the object’s shape, which also expresses aesthetic values through its material, the respect for the fabrication process and, of course, usefulness. Their works expect to be elegant and easy to understand, but always running away from funny references and superficial decoration.

Their work has been exhibited in cities such as Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid or Milan, and has been awarded, among others, with the Design Plus, the Injuve Award, the Critics’ Choice Red-AEDE or the Lexus Design Award.

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