Chata Mini

design: Goula/Figuera


White linen shade.

Base in Sierra Elvira marble.

E27 Led

Wattage: 4,5W.

470 Lumens, Warm white (2800K).

Non Dimmable


“In a world dominated by the extreme minimalism that LED technology allows, at Goula / Figuera we wanted to approach the traditional format of lamps with a lampshade, which continues to be unsurpassed in transmitting warmth and comfort.”


Chata’s design aspires to the timelessness of the classic, but with a special characteristic: the geometry of its lampshade, in appearance cubic when viewed from the front, is surprisingly flat in profile (chata means narrow and beloved in Spanish), which allows it to be placed in impossible places such as narrow shelves or near the wall when on a table.

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